R & D

Research  Develop  Integrate

“Research and development are at the heart of all our activities. That’s what keeps us ahead of the pack.”

François Viau
Research and development & client relations

Tomorrow’s turnkey technologies

In the field of plastic extrusions and the creation of integrated window and door systems, it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference. In keeping with our policy of continually improving our products, our research and development department is constantly exploring new ideas that respond to the specific needs of our clients, and that endow each product with innovative features. More specifically, Soniplastics has taken steps to simplify assembling procedures for manufacturers, while ensuring optimal ease of instalment under all conditions.

Tested to the limit

To maintain industry-leading quality—and to ensure all our products allow builders to obtain their required certifications—a battery of tests is conducted before anything leaves the factory. Each item is subjected to severe abuse in our testing facilities to establish its air, water and wind resistance, as well as deterrence to forced entry. Our profile systems are designed and tested not only to address the strictest of norms and building codes but also to provide maximum energy efficiency.

Design is key

As well as exploring all aspects related to performance, our research and development activities also aim to improve the design and aesthetic qualities of all our products. Toward that goal, Soniplastics actively maintains its industry-leading position by keeping a close eye on late-breaking architectural trends to keep our firm well ahead of the competition.