Omni window systems

Omni White PVC

“The White PVC series offers durability and performance long celebrated by our customers. These products further demonstrate our commitment to accessibility and reliability.”

André Teasdale
Director, client relations

Renowned for its thermal efficiency, water-tightness, durability under all conditions and refined design, the White PVC line is a true classic. These all-PVC systems shine, not only for their immaculate whiteness, but for their technical simplicity.

Omni Combo PVC

“PVC is an extraordinarily versatile material, and extremely easy to work with. Its colour version endows it with the additional benefit of eliminating the need for painting.”

Kyle funston
Director, client relations

This series of PVC is among the most versatile of our current products, offering the added feature of any colour on its exterior while remaining white on the interior. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Using PVC powder for the extrusion endows it with a finish and scratch-resistant colour, as the pigments are imbedded directly into the primary material.

Omni Combo Alu

“Combining PVC with aluminium is unbeatable for its ability to offer extreme solidity. Better still, colours can be applied directly to the surface. And all that at an excellent quality/price ratio.”

Yves Simoneau
Director, client relations

This series combines the thermal performance of PVC with the well-known qualities of extruded metal—rigidity and durability. Retro-fitting an exterior by applying aluminum allows for an even more aesthetic finish and can be enjoyed in an infinite variety of colours.