Integral door frame system

Our new high-performance door frame system

The remarkably innovative Soniplastics door frame system offers flexibility within a ready-to-assemble format. Delivered as a complete package, this all-in-one solution includes all materials required to deliver a top-quality product.

Configured for standard-sized doors, INTEGRAL provides a finished product that exceeds present-day building norms. Such top-tier performance has been made possible by the integration of a new and extremely efficient doorstep, as well as other advances achieved over the years by Soniplastics in the PVC profiling systems sector.

A true breakthrough in the industry, this next-generation door frame was designed to adapt flawlessly and easily to any installation context.

Better still, its design fits in seamlessly with the Soniplastics line of window systems, resulting in an overall superior exterior dressing for any renovation or construction project.