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Proven products in constant evolution.

Soniplastics designs and produces a diverse array of turnkey systems, ready to be cut and assembled by manufacturers of doors and windows. A fixture in the industry since the introduction of three stellar series of windows under the OMNI brand name, Soniplastics has recently launched its new INTEGRAL series, a doorframe system offering unparalleled value and remarkable ease of production.

All Soniplastics products are part of a comprehensive and integrated collection created to effectively address the diverse demands of the marketplace and to help manufacturers offer complete solutions for any type of building aperture.

Omni Windows

Omni windows are the very embodiment of Soniplastic’s experience and know-how, wholly worthy of their excellent reputation. Whether made entirely of white PVC, mixed white and coloured PVC, or our ingenious marriage of aluminium and PVC, the OMNI line offers the versatility worthy of its name.

Omni White PVC
Omni Combo PVC
Omni Combo Alu

Integral Door Frame System

The remarkably innovative Soniplastics door frame system offers flexibility within a ready-to-assemble format. This all-in-one solution includes all materials required to deliver a top-quality product.

Configured for standard-sized doors, the INTEGRAL system provides a finished product that exceeds present-day building norms, with regards to both augmented energy-conservation and durability. Better still, the product fits precisely with Soniplastics’ line of window systems, allowing for seamless integration with the interior and exterior design of a building.