Client services

Listen  Act  Deliver

Nurturing privileged relationships that respond to the specific needs of our customers

When it comes to customer service, Soniplastics takes great pride in nurturing truly collaborative relationships with each and every one of its clients. Our team of dedicated representatives is on-hand and ready to address all their needs and special requests, whether to provide ultra-fast shipping or to find efficient solutions to any unexpected problems or issues that may arise.

From the initial creation of products all the way through to after-sales service, we make it a point to remain by our customers’ side throughout each and every step of their project, ensuring that the lines of communication always remain open. We place great emphasis on fostering a constructive dialogue designed to help Soniplastics’ customers evolve alongside our own company.

After-sales client services

After sales service is among Soniplastics top priorities. We see it as an essential component in maintaining a collaborative relationship with our customers. Complementing our sales force is a mobile assistance technical unit, ready to arrive on-site if customers encounter any difficulties with our products. What’s more, Soniplastics also offers clients open training sessions whenever a new line of products is introduced or modifications to existing ones are made.

Speedy delivery

Located just a few miles from Montreal, our ultra-modern factory works around the clock to guarantee a flexible and uninterrupted supply chain for our customers. The quality and variety of our extensive inventory is another plus that helps ensure rapid shipping, with the additional advantage that it enables builders to reduce their on-hand stock. Our clients save space and money, secure in the knowledge that Soniplastics can get them what they need, when they need it.