The manufacturing of PVC profiles involves several complex procedures. Many preparatory steps must be undertaken in order to obtain the very finest results in extrusion. Relying on technical specs determined during the design phase, our technicians prepare steel dies using specialized machines to enhance extrusion results by reproducing even the most highly complex die schemas.

Masterful Extrusion

Over the years, Soniplastics has acquired unique know-how on the extrusion process. Our firm is one of only a handful in Canada that have developed their own PVC powder, allowing us to guarantee the highest level of production control. Extruded with maximum precision, our profiles are then subjected to rigorous quality-control procedures, most notably our use of laser equipment that allows us to rapidly identify and discard sub-standard product.

Working 24/7, the Soniplastics facility is ready, willing and able to satisfy the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently, by combining product availability, versatility and a fast turnaround time.