Since our beginnings in 1970, Soniplastics has relied on constant innovation to develop products that respond to—and often surpass—today’s market demands. The expertise we’ve accumulated over the years remains at the core of our approach to product development and is exemplified in our desire to constantly improve and renew our product offering. From our research and development department to the factory floor itself, our team of dedicated employees is always on the look-out for new ideas. Our willingness to innovate is at the very soul of our business.

A tradition of innovation

Many products now considered industry-standard were first introduced to market by Soniplastics, including our hybrid PVC/aluminium windows for which demand continues to increase exponentially, and our ever-popular coloured PVC. Among our most recent inventions is the INTEGRAL, a ready-to-assemble doorframe system that’s all the more remarkable for being the top-performing product of its kind in the industry.

Our innovation-based approach extends well beyond the creation of new products, however. It’s equally evident in our desire to continuously improve our line of existing products, whether to optimize their performance through energy-efficiency, improve their weather resistance or maximize their durability.